S.I.M.P.L.E SOLUTIONS - Galaxy Creations' policy for building products

Over the last 20 years, we have been involved with many implementations involving clinical staff, physicians, and executives.   Over this time, we’ve seen what has worked and what hasn’t worked.  Throughout our experiences, we have developed our SIMPLE internal policy for developing software and solutions.  If any of the SIMPLE criteria is not met, then we take the solution back to the drawing board.


Seconds, not minutes – Information needs to be accessible within seconds, not minutes.  If you can navigate and request the data needed in seconds, then our solutions are SIMPLE.

 Intuitive interfaces – Products should be easy to use.  Training should be less than 5 minutes to make our solutions SIMPLE. 

Modern and up to date with technology – Is the product using modern technology and protocols to deliver the solution?  Using the latest technology allows the solution to be flexible and compatible with other products.  It also makes sure that the hospital is aware and taking advantage of all the benefits that new technology has to offer.  Our products solve problems with modern technology to make our solutions SIMPLE.

Pertinent data – Healthcare clinicians generally need to see a standard set of data that accounts for 80% of their general needs.  This data should be made available to them quickly and easily.  The remaining 20% of data usually clutters the user interface and renders many products ineffective.  Therefore, our solutions focus on highlighting the pertinent data and making the non-pertinent data available on demand to make our solutions SIMPLE.

Low risk – Solutions should be easy to acquire and implement.  Our products are cost-effective with flexible terms in order to work with a hospital's financial challenges.  Implementations are swift and support is conveniently available.  Keeping our products low risk on an organization’s overall resources makes our solutions SIMPLE.

Existing workflows –  Minimizing conceptual changes makes integrating new technology easy to adapt.  The goal of streamline existing workflows with innovative technology allows a new solution to be implemented swiftly and pain-free.  Our products integrate with existing workflows thereby keeping our solutions SIMPLE.