Galaxy eRecord™ - Your hospital data at your fingertips
Galaxy eRecord™ is a portal built around your hospital's requirements to access patient data, reports or anything you need.  Galaxy eRecord™ is a simple and intuitive interface that allows your doctors, medical staff and administrators to focus on their job rather than spending hours learning a complicated system.  The portal is robust and pulls your data in lightening speed, thereby saving for doctors and staff time and ultimately increases patient throughput and impacting your bottom line.

Galaxy eRecord™ has an immediate positive impact on your facility's personnel bandwidth and, with less than 5 minutes training, your users are instantly supercharged.  Galaxy eRecord™ is customized to your facility, the following modules are consistent in most facilities that have Galaxy eRecord™:

  • Patient History
  • Lab Results
  • Radiology Transcriptions
  • Emergency Summary Report
  • Pharmacy
  • MAR
  • Facesheet
  • Nurse Notes
  • Dietary Labels

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