Bedstatus Features

The Ultimate Patient Bed Management Software

Bedstatus™ - Introducing Context-Based Patient Care

Bedstatus™ streamlines pertinent patient data from your existing EMR to nurses, doctors and clinical staff.  Real-time clinical information is delivered on-demand and via alerts along with a way to easily collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Having the appropriate and accurate information with the means of secure communication is what makes Bedstatus™ a context-based solution.  By simplifying the relevant information flow, Bedstatus™ will positively impact patient care and throughput at your hospital. 

Implementing an automated inpatient bed management system will stabilize your workflows and other aspects of your core needs can be enhanced. Your nursing staff can focus on what they've been trained to do instead of being paid a high price for redundant clerical work. The number of human errors is reduced and system will produce an environment that can be easily managed and reported.  Bedstatus will leverage your current H.I.S. technology investment by making pertinent patient data easily accessible and shareable to clinicians through intuitive interfaces which thereby mazimizes the best use of their time.

Bedstatus™ was developed using our SIMPLE Software Policy and is a cost-effective product that is guaranteed to win instant praise among nurses, doctors and clinical staff.  The software plugs and plays with any Healthcare Information System.  This complete bed management system takes less than 5 minutes to train and will integrate into your existing workflow thereby making it simple to implement and will have an immediate impact for your organization.


Bedstatus™  Benefits

Patient Care Benefits   Financial Benefits   Quality Benefits
  • Clear List of Nurse / Patient Assignment
  • Code Status Availability at a Glance
  • Same Name Alert / Identification
  • Provide Nursing Supervisors with Improved
  • Oversight of Patient Care
  • Organization-wide Accessibility to Bed
  • Availability Information
  • One-Click Access to Patient Care Summary Reports
  • Critical Result Notifications
  • New Patient Indicators
  • Improve Length of Stay Management
  • Saves Nurses' Time
  • Saves Physicians' Time
  • Shift Turnover, Patient Lookups, Automatic Whiteboard Updates
  • Save Nurse Supervisors Time
  • Enhancement of Bed Management Workflow
  • Bed Reconciliation
  • Optimize Patient Throughput
  • Timely Updates of Bed Availability
  • Accuracy of Data
  • Resolves Legibility Issues
  • Timely Updates of Patient Care Related Information
  • Bed / Room Reservations
  • Housekeeping Bed Management
  • Unit Specific Configurations


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