Bedstatus - Bed Management and Healthcare Communication Solution

How Can Bedstatus™ Improve the Quality of Patient Care in My Hospital?

Bedstatus facilitates a communication channel for nurses, doctors, and clinical staff to discuss relevant patient data. Our context based solution focuses on delivering the most relevant real-time data to the clinical staff and doctors within seconds. Bedstatus uses modern communication protocols such as text messaging, email, alerts, and mobile apps to facilitate a seamless communication channel for nurses, doctors, and clinical staff.

What can Bedstatus do for My Hospital?

Nurse staffing costs account for one of the largest hospital's expenses. With all the Meaningful Use and Core Measure Data requirements, nurses and clinical staff are overwhelmed with new responsibilities. There is little slack left over for them to manage and complete day to day operational duties, much less focus on patient care. Bedstatus streamlines many of the day to day operational tasks and automates administrative tasks thereby bringing stability and structure to your existing overall work flow. The result of information and data flowing dynamically in real time is faster and better patient care, faster patient throughput with a noticeable decrease in ED wait time, and happier doctors.

Across the Galaxy...

  • Galaxy is Attending InSight 2015
    Published by Galaxy Creations - August 27, 2015

    Come visit us at InSight 2015 at Booth #607. See why Bedstatus is the #1 option in Patient Bed Management and join Galaxy in our campaign to eliminate manual processes and paperwork with our automated solution.
    Find out our formula for reducing ED wait time by over 50%!
    Galaxy will be unveiling the latest module for Bedstatus that simplifies EVS tracking and notifications.
    Click here to instantly request a customized demo of your hospital in our bed management software.

  • Galaxy Launches Bedstatus iPhone App
    Published by Galaxy Creations - May 1, 2014

    Galaxy Creations launches Bedstatus iPhone App that allows doctors to get their patient rounds list, clinical staff communication, and EVS to monitor bed cleaning.

  • Galaxy to Exhibit Bedstatus™ at ANIA 2014
    Published by Galaxy Creations - March 15, 2014

    Galaxy Creations will unveil the latest features added to Bedstatus™. Visit us at Booth #202 for an exclusive demonstration of how Bedstatus™ introduces context-based communication to hospitals.

  • Galaxy Creations launches Galaxy Bedstatus™ at Memorial Hospital of Gardena
    Published by Galaxy Creations- June 15, 2013

    Galaxy Creations integrates their signature electronic whiteboard, Bedstatus™, at Gardena Memorial Hospital instantly streamlining bed management.